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Brand Strategy Foundations

A simplified and practical foundation course to help you become a Holistic Brand Strategist in this fragmented world of tools, frameworks, and content. Crafted by Karan Rawat after his 15 + years of experience of building brands from scratch and creating distinctive online + offline experiences, digital ecosystems, and growth solutions.

3 days to 3 weeks (spread across 25+ video lessons)

Recorded Video sessions by Karan Rawat

Periodic Live Q&A Sessions

7-day Return Policy

Do you aspire to fastrack your career growth as a brand & marketing professional ?

Q. As a young professional, do you aspire to be in strategic roles?

Q. Do you desire to be CREATOR of Strategic Brands of new world?

Q. Are you feeling your growth is
stagnated ?

Q. Do you lack the practical know-how that is expected in brand roles?

Accelerate your career growth with ‘hands-on experience’ and industry expert.

Who is this program for? 🚀

People who have the inherent desire to grow into strategic brand & marketing roles. They could be..

Post-graduation Management students

wanting to be job ready

Design & Design Management students

aspiring to become part of brand strategy teams

Early-stage marketing professionals

looking to fast-track their growth

Client servicing or Account management roles

wanting to take charge and be the solution provider

Aspiring Brand Creators ( not MBA or Design grad)

passionate about being part of strategic band roles

Folks from Advertising/ digital/ design agencies

passionate about building brands with focus and efficiency

Content and social media managers

who aspire to build brand with a strategic perspective

What’s stopping your career growth?

  • Not having access to hands-on practical methods and new age tools to become smarter
  • Lack of 'Hands-on guidance' for young talent/professionals
  • Managers don’t have enough time for training
  • Peers busy too and focus divided on too many things
  • Not able to know the overall picture and framework
  • Lack of guided experience or make things simple to understand
  • Too much information online & Not enough structured approach
  • Too many isolated courses, nothing that blends different disciplines
  • Don't know what do companies seek from brand strategy roles
  • Have done too many tactical stuff, but still not able to connect dots strategically

What will you learn in the program/ Course

  • Must haves to become a breakthrough strategic brand creator/marketer and not just stay tactical
  • Introduction to the secret Tri-speared formula of Breakthrough in your career
  • The most underrated ammunition - Writing brand briefs And even different types of brief formats for any work, project, task, campaign or for briefing agency teams
  • Improve your Mindset with Personality Visualizations and actual goals setting for real world and system to achieve you professional goals
  • Learn simplified Concepts of brief writing, human insights, brand core, consumer journey, consumer persona, brand experience, art of giving /receiving constructive feedback, etc.
  • Develop Practical Skillsets to fast-track your growth via step-by-steps guides and examples
  • Unlearning rigid theories and breaking deep mental obstacles

What you won’t get in this course

  • Lengthy text-books or complex theories
  • Hours of long sessions
  • Endless content with no structure or navigating path
  • Meaningless exams or marking
  • Lack of guidance


(Alumni MIT Innovation Batch)

I have learnt a lot about brand and hacks to grow the brand from the workshop. Karan Sir introduced us to various new tools that are helpful to us. He has been an amazing mentor to us and guided us to take our projects to next level

- Harshita Mutha

(Alumni MIT design management)

Karan is someone who goes above and beyond for you, whether you are his student or his client, we have seen this through the amazing work that he presented and in the way he has guided us and taught us. He has pushed us at MIT to really get out of our comfort zones and breakthrough!

- Esha Sulakhe

(Data Scientist)

Under Karan's guidance, had the opportunity to learn about consumer insights, building user persona, customer journeys, brand strategy and most importantly client interaction (what, how, and why questions that clients are most likely to ask based on the objective).
As a result, i have been able to become a data-driven person who is able to tell stories through an enormous amount of data.

- Kshitij Navet

(Marketing Professional , Piramal Realty)

Really learned a lot from this course. This course changed my perception of looking at a brand. Various touch-points which are essential in making a brand strategy have been taught in this course. I would like to thank Karan Rawat sir.

- Tanay Tushar

Meet your Coach.

Meet Karan Rawat, a unique Trispear Brand Creator & Marketer who has been passionately building brands with distinctive experience advantage. A multifaceted professional known as a storyteller, spiritual person, experience lover, holistic brand creator and career coach.

Karan is on a mission to create a new tribe of Breakthrough Brand Creators (young and aspiring talent). He is making it possible with his unique approach of blending Mindset, Concept and Skill Sets enabling holistic learning with, simplified and practical online brand strategy courses (with mentorship), growth hacks, workshops and tools for aspiring brand creators & even to marquee MBA & design colleges.


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Online Students

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You should join this program
if you want to…

Conceptualise Digital-Era brand Strategy

Fast track career growth

Become an 'Empowered' & Self reliant brand professional

Create Insightful Brand Briefs & Brand Positioning

Preferred choice of recruiters for brand/marketing strategy roles

Get noticed for impactful strategy presentations

Do consumer Journey mapping and build brand ecosystem

Be a 'Strategic Contributor' & 'Value creator' in your organisation

Practical and to the point learning without putting in long hours

Learn art of connecting-dots in the fragmented world of tools and content

Course Curriculam

You Also Get Bonuses 

Brief Clarity Blueprint (different formats)
Types of brief formats, Story telling as an art

Strategic Feedback Blueprint

Art of giving constructive feedback, essential dos and dont's

Breakthrough Strategist Blueprint

Personality traits of Breakthrough brand strategist, role and other concepts

Strategic Brand Experience Examples

Trispear Brand examples and links to posts explaining the experiences

Course summary with Price

  • Guided & structured videos of just right durations (not too less not too more)
  • Simplified frameworks and downloadable resources of essential steps
  • Interactive learning techniques to move you to next steps
  • 1on1 bonus mentorship call with course mentor for career direction
  • Essentials of becoming a Trispear Brand strategists
  • Career goal clarity with simple and structured approach
  • Personality visualisation to Improve confidence and self image
  • Modern tools/systems to make you a smart Strategist for the new world.

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